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Caleb Boxx Service Breakdown

Watch the above video for info on what YouTube Automation is.



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The Elite Mentorship program is for those who are willing to work 7 hours a week on this business, but want someone to hold their hand and show them EXACTLY what to do. This program is for someone who wants a mastermind group of loving, hard working, successful YouTube Automators around them. Here's what comes with this program:

✅ Weekly Zoom Mentorship Calls

✅ Mastermind Group

✅ YouTube University (Training Videos)

✅ Pre-Monetized channel (1,000 subscribers + 4k watch hours immediately!)

✅ Graphic Designer to help design your channel logo

✅ Ability to text Caleb Boxx and his team for consulting at any time!

✅ Private 1on1 Mentorship Calls

✅ Access to Brand Deals depending on channel size

This program isn't just for YouTube Automators, it is also for personal brands or anyone looking to get into YouTube!

We recommend the $7,500 up-front, then at least $500 per month budget for video production. 

If you have this, book a call with us and we would love to answer any questions you have!

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The Automation program is for those who are too busy to handle the small details of an Automation channel. They want less work and effort to be put into it weekly from them (30 minutes to an hour a week) and rather have our team help build and manage the entire YouTube channel for them. We will hire the content team for them, you'll have access to consulting calls with trained professionals in the YouTube Automation business, you will be added into your own personal channel group chat with your channel manager, consultants, and team that will answer questions and work with you the entire way through a 12 month contract.

The program also includes access to our course that goes over deep information on how YouTube Automation works and the backend systems we have to get everything going, so you can learn with us as we do it for you!

No other required additional costs. This program contains 8 videos per month for 12 month period.


With this program, we also help get you brand deals depending on channel size!

What does this mean? It means you could literally 10x your income overnight. If your channel is earning $5,000 a month through YouTube Ad revenue, and we also get brand deals for you, you could potentially earn an extra $50k. 

Caleb Boxx's Automation team will take 50% of brand deals provided for you, and you'll get the other 50%.


Book a call below for more information and for your questions to be answered.

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Disclaimer: Results not typical. Past results do not guarantee future gains. Your results will depend on how well you follow instructions and timing and trends that is uncontrollable by Caleb Boxx and his team. Caleb Boxx and his team are NOT offering any guarantees of results doing YouTube Automation. Results varies for everyone. Caleb Boxx is also NOT affiliated or partnered with YouTube (or Google) the company.

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