Watch the above video for info on what YouTube Automation is.


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The Mentorship program is an educational platform with 5+ hours of training content around YouTube Automation and how to build, "Cash Cow" channels. Many YouTube celebrities with millions of subscribers took this program! 

 You can purchase this online course easily at this website: https://www.automateyt.com


The Elite Mastermind Program is our program for those who are willing to do the work, but want personal one on one mentorship from Caleb Boxx and his team. Weekly Q&A's in a mastermind group with other members, collaborate with others and learn from each other, learn the most recent YouTube updates and ways to stay ahead of the curve, get your channel regularly reviewed by Caleb Boxx and his team, and so much more! Book a call below for more information.


The Automation program is for those who are too busy to handle the small details of an Automation channel. They want less work and effort to be put into it weekly from them (30 minutes to an hour a week) and rather have our team help build and manage the entire YouTube channel for them. We will hire the content team for them, you'll have access to consulting calls with trained professionals in the YouTube Automation business, you will be added into your own personal channel group chat with your channel manager, consultants, and team that will answer questions and work with you the entire way through a 12 month contract.

The program also includes access to our course that goes over deep information on how YouTube Automation works and the backend systems we have to get everything going, so you can learn with us as we do it for you!

No other required additional costs. This program contains 8 videos per month for 12 month period. Book a call below for more information and for your questions to be answered.