Watch the above video for info on what YouTube Automation is.


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The Mentorship program is an educational platform with 5+ hours of training content around YouTube Automation and how to build, "Cash Cow" channels. Many YouTube celebrities with millions of subscribers took this program! 

 You can purchase this online course easily at this website: https://www.automateyt.com


The Automation program is where we build and run most of the YouTube channel for you! It's a 12 month contract where we hire the content team for you, train them, if one of them leaves, we hire another person for you! Plus, with the automation program we add you into a consulting group chat with 5 dedicated team members including some of our expert consultants, project managers, content management team and they assist you with any questions you may have!

Along with that, we create all of the video ideas for you, upload the videos to your channel for the entire 12 month contract and give you our "Mentorship Program" course with 5+ hours of content! The only additional cost is the video content team cost ($560 per month). With the automation it's a 90% revenue split going to you for a 12 month contract.

We also provide a pre-monetized channel which means you already have the 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours required in order to start making money immediately on YouTube! No other YouTube Automation company can provide this.

We have even more features than this! Book a call with one of our representatives below and we will go over all the details!