Know More About Caleb.

Who is Caleb Boxx?

Caleb Boxx began his business ventures in 2016 when he learned personally from high-level YouTube stars like MrBeast with over 90 million subscribers and many others. He then took that knowledge and stumbled upon a business model called YouTube Automation a way to outsource the work of having to make traditional YouTube videos and be able to make money online without having to do hours of work. 

The business model YouTube Automation came about Caleb's mind when he struggled making every YouTube video himself. He had the genius idea of hiring freelancers online to create all of the faceless videos and content for him. By doing so, Caleb put himself into a position to make passive income every month from YouTube channels all automated by his team. 
This business model led him to work with some of the biggest YouTube celebrities like Prestonplayz with over 15 million subscribers and many more YouTube stars he has consulted for with millions of YouTube subscribers.

He then started to take on clients from the public to help them do what he has done on YouTube Automation. One of his clients produced $44,000 in a SINGLE MONTH from YouTube and another over $100,000+ in a SINGLE MONTH of revenue on YouTube channels.
Caleb Boxx is just 21 years old and producing 7-figures a year around helping and running many YouTube channels that he runs with his team. Cool part about it, Caleb doesn't even work more than 4 hours a week and pulls these numbers.
Today Caleb and his team of over 200+ people teaches and builds content for clients and people today to help be able to do the same with their YouTube channels and make YouTube Automation happen for them!